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"It's the feeling you get when you start seeing a new person and you get really wrapped up and kind of obsessed with them."

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Ken Hebert

"Music carries the soul to places that so few genres can."

Heavily influenced by rock and roll, soul, and funk, Ken's drawn to crafting narrative driven tunes that encapsulate the listener in story. While his older work pays tribute to cynicism, his newer works are exploratory and focus on humor and the conscious effort to feel good.

Having written hundreds of musical pieces, Ken has revisited past recordings and songs to give new polish to old tunes.

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Ken Hebert Full Bleed with Light Flare.j
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From Chicago Funk Roots to Disco and Beyond

Based out of Western MA, Ken has been playing across the country for decades through countless genres and subjects. As an acoustic guitarist, saxophonist, keyboardist, and singer songwriter, he's a versatile composer and artist. 

Largely influenced by Earth, Wind, and Fire, and other notable greats, he tries to infuse funk, techno, and soul elements into most of his pieces. 

Outside of his musical pursuits, with a joint interest in acting and theatre, Ken's no stranger to the stage. He composes for local theater productions in the Pioneer Valley. He's performed in large regional productions of well known plays like Guys and Dolls and Annie.



A lifetime of professional performance reaching back to the 70s

Funk, Techno, and Positivity2000s

After decades of cynicism, Ken has focused on pushing to write feel-good, narrative driven funk and techno songs. For a short period he played with a local rock cover group, Backatcha, but has recently begun pursuing original pieces.

The Stop and Start of New ProjectsLate 80s

Ken relocated to the West Coast where he worked alongside Dick Peterson of The Kingsmen, after which he returned to the Pioneer Valley.  He later settled down to start a family.

Elliot Finesse

Early 80s

Boston-based and heavy into rock and roll, he toured with Elliot Finesse and opened for Jose Feliciano, The Guess Who, and James Montgomery. While playing these shows, he met the woman who would become his future wife while acting together in the musical Guys and Dolls.

Disco Baby

Disco flooded the music scene and Ken's voice held all the masterful highs reminiscent of the Beegees as he played through New England and up into Canada.

Daybreak, Chicago Funk Roots
60s and 70s

Ken started his music career as a guitarist and sax player in the 9-piece Chicago-style funk band, Daybreak, that heavily featured horn covers, choreography and visual effects. With a Black lead singer, they had to negotiate clubs while protecting each other in the racially-charged time.

Band members of the group Daybreak perfo
Ken singing at a keyboard while holding
Basement rehearsal of Eliot Finesse (1).
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Ken in the 70s-80s standing by a pile of
Group shot of the band Elliot Finesse st
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Ken performing in a theater production o
Ken performing in a theater production o

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